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Since 2010 we have been regularly meeting at circuits in Brno and Vysoké Mýto. We were thinking of pushing our common effort to the next level. The main idea was No pain, no gain and we also knew nothing lasts forever. As a result PENRITE CLASSIC CUP was created. The whole thing was formed when some people realized they owned classic sports cars but they actually had nowhere to drive them. In Czech republic was always a lot of opportunities at rally and hill climb events for classic cars but no opportunity of driving around racing circuits. That was a serious distressing situation for owners of classic sports cars that are allowed to run at public roads. One of them was Karel Kostroň along with his friends in Fordever Club Brno. What to do with race car when you can't actually race with it?

Even enthusiasts of club ACC Brno with former race driver Vladislav Jokl in lead had similar difficulties, so serial Classic Racing Cars Meeting was born. All the enthusiasts of circuit racing held meetings twice a year at racing circuit in Brno and once at Vysoké Mýto, where they had a great opportunity to compare their skills with each other. But it wasn't about actual racing, it was primarily about meeting with other people who woned classic cars, from pure-bred race cars to regular classic cars. The whole thing was a friendly meeting of clubs and theirs members rather than serious official championship and it had almost no official propagation. At this point more sponsors became necessary. It was about time to advance further. The whole event has been renamed to Penrite Classic Cup and has grown and massively evolved its capabilities since then. Conditions are also being changed – so far only slightly, but in following years many changes are going to appear.

Although the cup is primary made to fit the needs of classic sports and race cars it's no elite action. You don't necessary have to own Porsche 911 Carrera RS nor any Ferrari to enter. It is allowed to participate with any cars made before 1990 and fulfils vintage concept.

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